Security Policy


1. Confirmation of Booking, Prepayment, and Deposit:

Your booking is complete once you have made your payment on Bookings may also be made directly by calling one of our booking managers.

1.1 Prepayment :

A prepayment is the booking deposit required to secure reservations. Prepayment for most properties is £150 and is collected before you check in to the property. In rare instance (for example, with two people simultaneously making the same online booking), your payment may be “accepted” but we may not be able to reserve the apartment for you. Be assured that your credit card is merely authorized during the online payment process, and is never charged until we confirm your reservation. In such a case, we will contact you to offer you alternative accommodations. If you do not find any of them satisfactory, you need do nothing more and your card will not be charged.

1.2 Security Deposit:

The security deposit helps ensure that the property manager is compensated for any damages – unintentional or accidental made to the property during your stay and is collected before your move into the property.

1.3 Balance:

The balance payable which is net of your prepayment amount is payable at the time of Check in. This can be paid in cash, debit or credit. Payment is made to the property manager at the time of check in.

2. Cancellation Policy:

In unforeseen cases of cancellation, London Apartment will levy a cancellation fee to mitigate the loss of a booking. This cancellation fee will reflect the cancellation policies on Please refer to for more details.

3. Travel Insurance:

We strongly advise all our prospective residents to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy before the commencement of your trip.

4. Modification of Bookings:

Bookings may be modified through Direct bookings may only be modified by booking managers and must be informed of any changes in your booking at least 14 days in advance or risk incurring a fee.

4.1 Changing the number of Guests:

Prospective residents are not allowed to increase the number of guests after booking. They are also not allowed to host stag or hen parties at our locations. Such actions may result in the cancellation of a booking without a refund.

4.2 Changing Apartments:

Changing apartments is possible if you’re alternative choice of apartments is available the days you wish to travel. Please note that changing apartments results in the cancellation of a booking which may incur fines from We advise prospective residents to make any changes to their booking at least 14 days before the check in date.

5. Checking in Process:

Once your reservation has been confirmed by London Apartments you will be sent a comprehensive email with instruction regarding your accommodations address as well as instructions on what you must do at Check in. We ask that you provide us with your itinerary at least 3 days prior to arrival and call us 10 minutes before you arrive at the apartment itself for check in. During check in you will be asked to provide us a printout of your confirmation email, your prepayment and two forms of identification. Please have all this information ready to ensure a smoother check in process.

6. Guest Responsibilities:

We ask that the residents treat their accommodations and amenities with care and respect, as well as respecting any rules and regulations related to the property itself. We ask that the guests follow the general guidelines below:

6.1 Behaviour:

Please refrain from any anti-social or illegal behaviour. We do not allow stag or hen parties within our apartments. We also ask that you keep the noise levels to a minimum after 22:00 GMT out of respect for the other residents. We also ask that you adhere to the rules and regulations of the apartment itself. Behaviour which may be considered illegal or directly constituting a threat to other guests or residents may lead to immediate eviction from the premises.

6.2 Cleaning:

The accommodation will be cleaned prior to check in. We ask that at the time of check out you leave the accommodation in a reasonable condition. Aesthetic damage to various surfaces may result in additional fees being incurred at the end of your stay.

6.3 Non Working Amenities:

If you find that there is a problem with the amenities provided, or you require extra amenities not present in your apartment please contact your booking manager so that we can meet your requests in a timely manner.

6.4 Number of guests:

We ask that the residents not exceed the number of guests confirmed at the time of booking. Please note that children are not exempt from this rule and must be counted individually as one guest. In certain cases when the number of guests is exceeded beyond your initial booking, the booking manager reserves the right to evict you from your accommodation forfeiting the right to any refund of your payment.

7. Responsibilities: is an online booking service for various properties in the London area held by London Apartments. London Apartments is not liable for any potential delays, accidents, losses, change of schedule or rates, damages (neither for persons nor for objects), from owners services. Additionally, London Apartments and its employees therein are also not responsible for: errors and omissions; falsification by third parties; personal damage or injury while staying in an accommodation booked through London Apartments; disputes between the client and a third party; content of external links on its website. The service of London Apartments is limited to promoting owners accommodations and information regarding making a reservation for your chosen accommodation, until booking confirmation is sent by email. London Apartments is not part of the rental agreement; any complaints must be intended to the owner/contact during the stay.

7.1 Liabilities:

London Apartments and the owner of the accommodation shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur during the stay-period at the accommodation, including (but not exclusive to): injury to person or possession, losses because of fire, theft or criminal behaviour.

7.2 Litigation:

Any litigation concerning accommodation or booking with London Apartments may be contested under UK English Law.